10 Healthy Snack Ideas While On The Go

Sinless Eats for Busy People

Many people avoid snacking because they think it will only pack on pounds and defeat or prolong their weight loss efforts.  But the truth is, snacking can often be key ingredient when it comes to dieting.

When you eat every 4-6 hours your body is able to maintain normal blood sugar levels throughout the day, thus helping to curb cravings for unhealthy foods.

Eating healthy snacks can also prevent you from overeating during your main meals.

When you’re short on time and can’t prepare your own snacks at home, consider the several healthy snack ideas below, especially when making a pit stop at a convenience store, grocery store, or even a fast food restaurant.

By making healthier eating choices you’ll be less likely to be holding your eye lids open trying to get through the dreaded afternoon slumps and instead have an extra pep in your step, excited and ready to tackle paperwork, meetings, or more dirty diapers!

So, here are 10 healthy snack ideas that will keep you satisfied while you go about your busy day!

1. Grilled Chicken To Go Wrap From Wendy’s

Total Calories-260, Total Fat-10g, Carbohydrates-24g, Protein- 19g, Sodium-200mg

2. Mc Café Strawberry Banana Smoothie From McDonalds

Total Calories-210, Total Fat-0.5g, Carbohydrates-47g, Protein-3g, Sodium-50mg

3. Smartfood Selects Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Popcorn From Convenience/Grocery Store

Total Calories-160, Total Fat-9g, Carbohydrates-16g, Protein-2g, Sodium-150mg

4. Fresco Chicken Soft Shell Taco From Taco Bell

Total Calories-150, Total Fat-3.5g, Carbohydrates-18g, Protein-11g, Sodium-460mg

5. Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box From Starbucks

Total Calories-260, Total Fat-7g, Carbohydrates-25g, Protein-20g, Sodium-590g

6. Blue Diamond Almonds From Convenience/Grocery Store

Total Calories-163, Total Fat-14g, Carbohydrates-6g, Protein-6 g, Sodium-0mg

7. Kind Mini Cranberry Almond plus Antioxidants From Convenience/Grocery Store

Total Calories-115, Total Fat-8g, Carbohydrates-12g, Protein-2g, Sodium-10mg

8. Ready Snax Apples, Celery and Raisins with Peanut Butter From Convenience/Grocery Store

Total Calories-250, Total Fat-15g, Carbohydrates-22g, Protein-9g, Sodium-160mg

9. Yo Crunch Yopa! Greek Strawberry Yogurt Parfait From Subway

Total Calories-190, Total Fat-2g, Carbohydrates-29g, Protein-13g, Sodium-100mg

10. Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich From Chick-fil-A

Total Calories-270, Total Fat-3.5g, Carbohydrates-33g, Protein-28g, Sodium-940mg

Hope This Helps!!

Kristyn Haster

Kristyn Haster

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