20 Ways to Make This Year Your Happiest Yet!

If its Time to Finally Be Happy
Then This Post is for YOU
(the closest thing to an instant fix)

How can you determine the genuine happiness of a person? 

Is it how we project ourselves?

Is it by our status in life? 

Or perhaps the people that we surround ourselves with?  Or is it something more?

Many say that money can’t buy happiness. As cliché as it may sound, it’s probably true.

The question then remains, how does one become Happy?

Having enough money to purchase material things, trips, adventures, or thrills is really just instant gratification.  Now don’t get me wrong these things are great for boosting your mood, clearing your head, and having fun, but all of those things just create short term happiness. 

SAY WHAT?! Listen…If you want lasting true happiness you have to look beyond these quick fixes and truly nurture and grow what matters most in life such as a close-knit family, good friends, genuine relationship, respect, trust, a second chance, career, religion and so much more, the things that place a deeper meaning of happiness within us.

Unfortunately there is no magic potion that will create instant, lasting happiness in our lives, but there are steps you can take to start living a happier more fulfilling life.  

Below you will find a list that will be the closest thing to an instant fix and will show you the best ways to create more happiness in your life!  So, stop the pity party, pat yourself on the back, and start taking steps today towards a happier you!  What do you have to lose?  Well, besides late night ice cream binges of course. 

1. Think positive

If you feel like things are not going your way, don’t feel bad. Be thankful with what you have and don’t focus on your short comings.  Reflecting on the positive aspects of your life will increase your well-being.

2. Don’t take life too seriously

Learn on how to find pleasure in the simplest things. Do what makes you happy and forget about past mistakes and misfortunes that you’ve encountered.

3. Spend time with your family

Studies show that people who are lonely, depressed and isolated are the ones who are most likely to get sick. Our family is one of our greatest assurances that you won’t be alone, no matter what happens.  So pick up the phone, stop over, or plan a trip and spend some time with loved ones.

4. Have a quality time alone

Working or studying can make a person’s life tiresome. Give yourself a break. Reward yourself once and a while and treat yourself to a pedicure, spa treatment, shopping or a retreat. Self-care is a fantastic way to de-stress and love yourself!

5. Adopt a dog

A dog is a man’s best friend, and they are often quoted as “A heartbeat at our feet”.  There are also numerous studies in favor of people having dogs to help elevate stress and increase mood.

6. Laugh out loud

Laughter is the best medicine, who wouldn’t agree? Laughing is a powerful antidote to stress and pain. It lifts your mood and helps you to forget about any negativity momentarily.  Laughter is a common bond that we all share and creates a type of intimacy among people.

7. Take action

Set goals and make plans to meet them. Finding something that you are passionate about and pursuing it, can give you a sense of purpose and drive in your life.   Taking steps everyday not only gets you one step closer to meeting your goals, but also makes you feel like you are accomplishing things and increasing your level of happiness!

8. Exercise more

Setting aside time to exercise at least 3-5 days per week, will having you feel better in no time!  When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that will decrease feelings of stress.

9. Volunteer programs 

Do what you can for those less fortunate than yourself. There is definitely something to be said about giving.  Something as simple as listening, providing a meal or donating your time can be so gratifying.  It’s a win-win situation in my book!

10. Sing Out Loud

Who cares if you’re out of tune or sound like one of the American Idol rejects?  Studies show that music helps your brain release chemicals that make you feel happier. So, sing your heart out!

11. Hang out with friends 

Having a good time and being in the company of your friends will naturally give you a greater feeling of bliss!

12. Make new friends 

Treasure and keep your old friends, but also be open to expanding your circles.  The more connections you can make with others that fulfill you in different areas of your life the happier you will be.

13. Take pictures

Capture each moment that takes your breath away. Pictures that remind you of a fun vacation, time with friends or family can bring you back to that place or time when you were the happiest.  It can help lift feelings of loneness or sadness.

14. Go for a walk

Let the sunshine in..Let the sunshine in.  Ok Ok, enough with the singing.  Being outdoors on a sunny day can instantly boost your mood.  Make a list of the places you want to go and see and get out there and explore!

15. Participate in fun activities

Maybe take a step outside of your comfort zone… and join a group or activity that you have always wanted to do.  Plan, and make time for it.  Learning and doing new things and meeting new people can stop boredom dead in its tracks and put you on the fast track to feeling great!

16. Avoid people who makes you unhappy

Do not cherish jealousy for hate poisons the soul. Surround yourself with happy people that you want to be with.

17. Be inspired

Love who you are. Love your job, your family, friends, pet and your special someone. Always motivate yourself and be inspired!

18. Say no to sleep deprivation

Eight hours of sleep will give you tons of energy to tackle what you wish.  Getting enough shut eye will have you feeling less moody and lethargic throughout the day.

19. Treat Yourself

When we feel blue, sometimes, the best remedy is to listen to our sweet tooth.  No I’m not giving you a free pass to chow down here, but a small bite of dark chocolate can improve your mood, brain power and give you a dose of antioxidants.

20. Meditate and pray

Always count your blessings. Give yourself a quiet time to think and contemplate on the good things that are happening in your life. Gratitude is one of the key elements in having a happy life.

Hope This Helps!

Yours for More Confidence, More Often

Kristyn Haster

Kristyn Haster

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Kristyn Haster

Kristyn Haster is a Lifestyle Blogger, Weight Loss Trainer and Self-Confidence Coach living in Boulder, Colorado. As Editor of LiveLethal.com (Crazy Confident You) Blog, she helps woman break out of their shells, gain total confidence and fall in love with life again.

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