How To Forgive, Let Go, And Find More Happiness In Your Life!

A Simple & Effective Strategy to
Let Go of a Gruge

“Forgive and forget”…easy peasy right?!


When we feel threatened, harmed or hurt in some way these feelings uh…don’t usually bring out the best in us Right?

Let’s face it, most of us dwell on the situation and want revenge.  It’s a natural instinct to want to fight back and stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

But, when you hold on to such negative feelings and beliefs it actually becomes more detrimental to you than the other person, and in a weird way– they are thus winning.

Forgiveness is when you are able to let go of all the bitterness, grudges, retaliation, resentment and anger you may have towards someone else.

Negative feelings and situations may linger for some time, but when you learn how to forgive, the hurt or hatred that you feel towards that person will lessen and you will be able to move on more positively with your life and be much happier.

And know this– as much as you are doing the other person a favor by forgiving them, you are actually doing yourself a much bigger favor by setting yourself free from all the negativity.

When you choose to hold onto grudges and negative feelings it bring unnecessary feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and anger that can  begin to affect all areas of your life.

When you allow yourself to forgive, it is then the heavy emotional burden can be lifted allowing space for more positive things to enter your life.  Forgiveness lets you release the past and move forward.

If you want to live a worry-free happy life, you should practice the act of forgiveness as much as possible.

Always remember that no matter how angry you are, the person who is most affected is you.

Try to remind yourself that most people are not evil, and most likely are feeling a little bit of remorse for what they have done to you as well.  People tend to project feelings of pain onto someone else when they themselves are in a bad place.

Try to acknowledge that we are all human and make mistakes. Nobody is perfect.  Seek to see the best in everyone.

And learn to empathize and put yourself in that person’s shoes. Could you have been partially responsible for what happened?  Maybe you’re just unaware that you hurt someone and now, this person is just returning the gesture.

Lastly, forgive when you’re ready.

When you try to force it, it becomes meaningless and doesn’t truly change the situation.  Try to take actionable steps towards forgiveness and embrace positivity in life.  Journaling and talking things out are a great start to the healing process.

Hopes this Helps!

Yours for More Confidence, More Often,


Kristyn Haster

Kristyn Haster

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Kristyn Haster

Kristyn Haster is a Lifestyle Blogger, Weight Loss Trainer and Self-Confidence Coach living in Boulder, Colorado. As Editor of (Crazy Confident You) Blog, she helps woman break out of their shells, gain total confidence and fall in love with life again.

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