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Editorial Guidelines

Interested in Writing an Article for Live Lethal – HERE’S HOW

1. What topics are suggested?

We suggest writing articles that are nutrition tips and recipes, self-improvement how-to’s or health and fitness how-to’s.  Beauty, sex & love, and female style topics/how-to’s are also welcomed.

2. What post-type is favored?

We’re interested in practical, actionable posts, loaded with truly useful content, detail, and well-explained examples.

Think: List Posts and Ultimate Guides.

3. Anatomy of a Great list post:

a. Is of genuine interest or concern to our readers

b. Offers lots of points (e.g. 27 rather than 7 or 8)

c. Makes surprising or unexpected points –and delivers on the headline’s promise

d. Is backed by detailed research and helpful examples

e. Is logically organized

f. Gets right to the genuine interest and value, bypassing the obvious.

g. Include unexpected references in support of a key points (e.g. external links or resources).

h. Include novel, interesting and entertaining examples.

THIS IS HUGE: You’re key points should be something our readers likely haven’t heard elsewhere, perhaps unexpected info and advice (or even the opposite of what’s expected).

4. Anatomy of a Great Ultimate Guide:

a. Subject matter is likely not well-covered elsewhere on the web.

b. Offers unique perspective on the topic, clearly showcasing the authors in-depth knowledge.

c. Shares little known secrets, insider details and insights—even real-life experiences “learned and earned” in the field.

d. Includes “detailed” examples and/or links to essential resources on the web.

e. Gives practical advice, that’s clear and easily understood by the masses.  The reader should be guided from start to finish (step-by-step) to get the desired result. Any general rule exceptions to the process should be noted and alternative options given.

The Best Ultimate Guides tend to:

– Cover a new or emerging subject area, or

-Break down a popular topic and explore a single aspect in great detail, much more so than found elsewhere on the web, or.

-Take a popular topic to the next level (then found elsewhere on the web) by providing more detail, better examples, current info, etc.

5. Live Lethal’s Audience Profile?

Live Lethal’s readership falls into three main groups:

1. Female business owners

2. Readers interested in the latest actionable, self-improvement info and advice, including practical solutions to challenges surrounding weight, self-esteem, motivation, productivity, happiness, life fulfillment, goal achievement, letting go and just plain old having more fun

3. Readers desiring to break out of their shell, get healthy and fall in love with life again   

6. Suggested Post length

Longer posts in the 2,000+ word range are desired covering the essence of the topic.  The kind of post people want to share and link to.

7. Suggested post structure:

a. An attention-grabbing, (difficult to ignore), curiosity provoking headline (that makes a strong, relevant promise)

b. A strong (thought provoking opener) that carries the momentum from the headline and builds anticipation for the main body of the article

c. A well-structured body (full of key points and/or step-by-step advice on the topic)

d. An encouraging closing (which includes a recap of what was just learned, what this new found knowledge means for them and/or now makes possible for the reader in his/her life), and any other key takeaway advice that empowers the reader to want to take action

e. Also, look for opportunities to link to existing posts on Live Lethal. Work these internal links into your article logically in step with the reader’s flow.

8. Ok I’m in—-How do I pitch my post to you?

Simply send your proposed article headline (and a couple alternatives) along with a brief summary of what you wish to write about (the problem your article intends to solve) for the live lethal audience.  If you’re contemplating a list post, go ahead and send a few bullet points.

Please note:  All guest contributions must be original content, not posted elsewhere on the web.  You are producing this specific piece of content (exclusively to be posted on Live Lethal).

9. What’s my time-frame, if my post idea is accepted?

Once your pitched article is accepted, we suggest that you prepare an article outline first (email it over for feedback) and then write your first draft within 7 days. A publication ready version of your article within two weeks of pitch acceptance is an ideal timeframe to aim for.

10. Can I link to my own blog within the post?

You may add a couple links in your byline (and where relevant, one or two in the body).

11. Any expectations after post publication?

Yes, you’d be expected to:

Promote your post (to your email list and/or social media followers).

Engage with readers by responding to comments (for the first few days) following publication.

12. Ok, let’s do this? What next…

If you’d like to write for Live Lethal, please shoot an email to support@livelethal.com  following the above guidelines. You can expect a reply within 3 business days.

Best Wishes!

Kristyn Haster