10 Best Tips for Meal Prepping

Eating healthy can be challenging if you aren’t organized. Then, when you throw in the mix that you should also eat 5 small meals a day plus make healthy food choices, you absolutely need to focus on time management. Meal prepping is a handy trick to accomplishing your daily tasks, like work, spending time with family and running errands, without stopping every few hours to cook or prepare a meal. Here are Live Lethal’s 10 best tips for meal prepping so you can still live your life and eat healthy at the same time:

1. Purchase food containers and mason jars that hold the correct portion sizes. Portion sizing is crucial when you eating 5 times per day. The easiest way to control your portion sizes is to buy small containers to ensure you do not overeat.

2. Get an insulated bag to hold all of your daily containers. If you rely on plastic bags to carry your meals, a container lid will invariably pop open one day and you’ll wish you had followed this tip!

3. Plan every meal for each day of the week. When you meal prep, you must plan ahead for what you will ingest at each point in the day while also accounting for any activities in which you will participate prior to and after a meal, such as with working out.

4. Purchase enough ingredients for every meal. Before you go grocery shopping, write your list with the amount of each item you will need to create your meals for the week.

5. Pick a meal prepping day and stick to it. If you switch your meal prep day from one week to the next, you will eventually come to a week in which you run out of time to prep, so choose your day and prep away.

6. Maximize your cooking space. Fill up that oven and cook as many items together as possible to cut down on your meal prepping time.

7. Always prep snacks. To avoid tearing open a bag of chips when hunger or boredom strikes, you should have healthy snacks in your meal bag.

8. Ditch the fancy preparation for simple, healthy meals. While it may be tempting to spend two days crafting culinary works of art, it will be your meal prepping downfall. Simple meal preparation can result in healthy and tasty meals without burning out you out on prepping.

9. Shake that healthy body into action. Nutrient-dense shakes are a great way to fill up those meal slots and keep you energized.

10. Find the happiness in the meal prepping moment. Once a meal prepper gets into the prep groove, they will tell you they love meal prepping time. Why? They realize in that moment they’re meeting their goals by committing to making healthy food choices.

Yay, Live Lethal community, you are on the meal prepping road! Now, give some love to meal prepping and share your helpful tips with everyone!

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Kristyn Haster

Kristyn Haster

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